Easter Around the World

Regardless of whether you celebrate Easter, or a variation of the holiday, or in fact, do not celebrate Easter at all, you might be interested in how certain countries and cultures celebrate Easter around the world.


Rome, Italy
Rome is, of course, at the heart of the Catholic religion, and therefore celebrates Easter in a traditionally Catholic style.

On Good Friday, symbolising Jesus’ journey to crucifixion, the Pope takes part in a traditional night-time Stations of the Cross procession at the Colosseum.

On Easter Sunday, thousands of faithful gather in Saint Peter’s Square, hoping to catch a glimpse at the Pope whilst he conducts mass.

England, United Kingdom
In a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and survives over parts of England, crowds gather for an egg rolling competition.  Participants roll specially prepared hard-boiled eggs down a grassy hill, hoping their egg will roll the farthest or between the two pegs at the foot of the hill.

Washington, United States
The annual Easter egg roll will be held on Easter Monday, and is a tradition that is believed to date back to the early 19th century.  The ceremony involves children rolling eggs across the lawn of the White House with spoons.

Marksville, Louisiana, United States
The town of Marksville claims to host the oldest egg-knocking competition in the United States.  What is egg-knocking?  On Easter Sunday, competitors pair up on the steps of the local courthouse, and knock the tips of two eggs together, and if an egg breaks, the owner is out of the competition.  The process continues until the final, champion egg remains.

Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest annual event, attracting more than 900,000 people over a two week period.  The show was first held in 1823 and is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to the modern lifestyle.

Ethiopian Christians attend church from 8pm on Easter Saturday until 3am on Easter Sunday.  The light candles made of cotton and wax, before heading home for breakfast, celebrating the end of Lent with Dabo (sour-dough bread) which must be cut by either a priest or the man of the house.

Easter is considered one of the most important holidays in the Greek Orthodox calendar.  Greek families get together on Easter Sunday to share a roast with one-another.

During Easter trees throughout Germany will be decorated with painted eggs.

Czech Republic
In an usual gesture of popularity and ritual, on Easter Monday, boys will whip girls across the back of their bare legs in a measure to bestow health and youth upon the girl for the following year.

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