REVIEW: Barry’s Place, Atauro Island

Barry’s Place is an eco-lodge right on the beach, set amongst a backdrop of green palm forests on Atauro Island, Timor-Leste.


Cabins at Barry’s Place are made from local bamboo and ai-kadiru (lontar palm), with a grass thatched roof, ensuring each building is cool and well ventilated.  There is the option of family cabins, twin cabins, or cabins with lovely big double beds.  Clean, comfortable beds coupled with the sounds of the ocean make for a great night’s sleep.

Cabin accommodation costs $45 USD per night, whilst tent accommodation is $30 USD.

Three meals a day, hot beverages, drinking water, and all day bread and fresh fruit are included in the price.  When I arrived I was greeted with Barry’s big smile and personality, and was immediately whisked away to feast on an incredible handmade buffet lunch.  The meals are made on site with fresh, local ingredients and are absolutely delicious!

Barry’s Place also takes day guests who can purchase meals for $6 each.

There is no internet at the lodge, however there is plenty to do, with board games, guitars, novels and reference books galore in the dining room.  However, if you are desperate for internet, there is cell service and data does work in the area.  I did not use the internet while at Barry’s Place, rather choosing to enjoy the natural atmosphere.


Barry’s Place has a relaxing, rustic beachside atmosphere, making it easy to sit on a hammock all day, enjoying the killer view of the ocean, however if you do wish to get out and about the location is perfect for exploring the coral reef just off shore, or exploring Atauro Island by land.

Snorkelling on the nearby reef is a must.  It costs $10 USD for a staff member to take the boat over to the reef and the price is divided among all snorkelers.  Hire of snorkel gear is $3 USD per person.

Atauro Island is a great place to explore by foot, by bike, or by ute.  Atauro is safe enough to wander about alone, however guided hikes can be arranged for $15 USD per day.  Bicycles are available for hire at $8 per day.  4×4 tours of the island can be arranged (prices are negotiated according to destination).

The staff at Barry’s Place are fantastic!  They have a great sense of humour and are incredibly helpful, making you feel right at home from the minute you arrive.  Atauro Island is a hidden gem, and I thoroughly recommend Barry’s Place if you are ever in Timor-Leste!

As there is no internet at Barry’s Place, to book a reservation you need to call or text Barry at either of these numbers:  +670 7723 6084 or +670 7744 1101

How to get there:
Local Fishing Boat – the best, local way to go – $10pp one way
Compass Charters Water Taxi – $45 pp one way (+670 7723 0965)
MV Atauro – $38 pp one way (+670 7733 6612)
Beloi Beach Hotel Boat – $40 pp one way (+670 7558 3421)
Nakroma Public Ferry (Saturday only) – $4 pp one way (tickets to be purchased at the Dili Port on Friday)

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