REVIEW: The Onion Collective

Situated in the centre of Ubud, you could not pick a better location if you tried.

The Onion Collective is a quirky little accommodation block – I am not sure whether to classify it as a hostel, homestay or villa, because it is really unlike anything I have ever seen before.

There’s a variety of different rooms, including a male and female dorm, ‘love shacks’ and family rooms. The ladies dorm is cosy and well-kept. The beds are comfortable and clean, and with the added luxury of an air conditioner, getting a great night’s sleep is not difficult at all.


The dorm had an ensuite bathroom, shelving and of course, the aircon – YAY!
At the head of each bed was a small compartment containing a power plug, a lamp and a small safe to keep valuables.


I step out my room and am immediately greeted with a gorgeous open-air dining/lounge room with a grand table, couch and television, drinking water, fridge and sink. The dining room was so peaceful and spacious, and as a writer it was a great place to get some work done.


At the street front of the complex was a restaurant, The Delicious Onion, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. The gourmet burgers and freshly prepared juices were, as the name suggests, delicious! To make things even better, as a lodger everything is discounted 10%.

Book your room through The Onion Collective on their Air bnb – enjoy your stay!

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