It’s Official!

Tinggly_ambassador badge

I am incredibly excited to announce that I’m now an official ambassador for Tinggly!

What is Tinggly?
Tinggly is a fantastic way of gifting experiences to people.

Have you got a traveller in the family or a friend that loves trying something new? Tinggly helps take the hassle out finding gifts for people like them (people like me!)  Next time you are looking for a present for someone special in your life, instead of buying a bookstore gift voucher, or a piece of jewellery they may never wear, get them a Tinggly voucher which may end up being one of the most memorable experiences of their life!

How does Tinggly work?
You purchase the gifts essential package (worth $125 USD), and they get to browse the website and experiences map in search of an experience they’d love to try!  Easy as that.

The recipient has two years to choose and plan their experience, and that’s rather handy considering Tinggly has hundreds of options all over the world, and if you take a look around the site you’ll notice these aren’t your typical experiences either.  How about flyboarding in South Africa, black water tubing in New Zealand or hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland.

What does this mean for The Travelling Cheetah?
Nothing is really going to change, per se, however it will allow me the opportunity to have some amazing experiences all over the world, and report back awesome stories, handy tips and tricks, and better all-round content for you!

Being a part of the Tinggly team will in no way affect the integrity of The Travelling Cheetah content.  All opinions expressed in my Tinggly reviews will be my own, and as usual will be completely honest, truthful accounts of my experiences, so there is no reason you should worry your pretty little heads.

What’s next?
Well, this is the exciting part – I get to choose which experience I’d like to try first!  I’ve got so many options to choose from, and so do you!  Which amazing Tinggly experience would you choose?  Tell me in the comments.

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