Thoughts everyone has when travelling South East Asia

Wow, It’s hot.

Street food is a glorious thing.

This place is just beautiful!

Yay!  Temples!


Damn this coconut is good.

Oh, I put the toilet paper where?

I shall live on fried rice forever!

Why can’t I just buy one banana?  I don’t need twenty.

I’m the only one in the dining room, so yes, I will dangle the noodles into my mouth.

It’s hot.

Two minute cuppa noodles are an acceptable form of dinner, but only ever here!


Asian Elephant


Why are the toilet rooms always wet?

Rice again?

Damn, this is spicy!

It’s sad how much litter there is.

It’s hot.

What’s the hose next to the toilet for?  Oooh, it’s a Bum gun!

Noodles again?


Bagan, Myanmar

More temples.

Why can’t I stop sweating for just ten minutes?

I am okay with stealing napkins from restaurants to use as toilet paper.

Elephant pants are high quality fashion statements – I need to get me some of that.

Massage for two dollars? Hell yes!


Dili, Timor-Leste

What beautiful beaches.

How am I supposed the cross the road with all these maniac motorcycle drivers?

Oh shit.  I just dropped toilet paper in the toilet, I am going to blow the whole place up!

I need more bracelets!

What the hell is that?  It looks like food, but who knows?

Local beer is always a good idea.


Vietnamese Beer

Tuk tuk drivers are so annoying!  Don’t you think if I wanted a tuk tuk I’d ask you?

Should I try riding a scooter?

Turns out ‘templed out’ is a real thing.

Why didn’t I bring a rain jacket?  Oh, that’s right, it was sunny ten minutes ago and now there’s torrential rain.

Do you think a Chang Beer teeshirt would go well with my elephant pants?  Of course, it’s Asia!

The fruit here is the best I have ever tasted.

Condensed milk in coffee is going to kill me in the most beautiful tasting way possible.

Squat toilets are leg day, every day.


Crab-eating Macaque


Literally everything is edible in Asia.  Snakes on a stick?  You’re welcome.

My nose is constantly sunburnt.

Why do I bother putting make up in for a night out?  It melts off after ten steps outside in the humidity.

Pad Thai!

I wish I had enough money to buy food for all the homeless, starving cats and dogs.

A few more bracelets wouldn’t hurt.

Riding a scooter was not a good idea!


Scooter driving in Myanmar

Why can’t I buy a coffee without sugar!?

More elephants!

Why does the currency have so many zeros?  It makes my brain hurt.

It’s hot.


So many people everywhere.

Street food?  Yes please.

How do they fit so many people on one motorbike!?

Mosquitoes.  Everywhere.

More monkeys!

All of a sudden my time here is over, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave…


Cruising in Timor-Leste

What thoughts would you add?  Tell me in the comments.

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