Europe Itinerary

In three weeks I’ll be en route to Europe – woohoo!

europe map

It’s been a bitch of an itinerary to create – I’ve scratched it out and started over more times than I can count.  Three months is just never enough, and of course you all know I want to go everywhere!  However, of course I will be back so I decided to make this trip about friends.  I have met so many incredible people on my travels, and I have been blessed to have known such people.  I remember thinking to myself earlier this year how unfair it was all of my best friends lived so far away from me – so much of the purpose of the Eurotrip is to explore the hometowns and countries my friends call home.  Of course, the usual Travelling Cheetah exploration will remain, especially on wildlife and nature where I can find it. I digress – here’s my itinerary

** all dates and destinations subject to change 😉

5th – 11th    United Kingdom (England)
11th – 19th  United Kingdom (Scotland)
19th – 24th  Netherlands
24th – 25th  Luxembourg
26th – 30th  Switzerland
31st – 2nd    Liechtenstein

31st – 2nd    Liechtenstein
2nd – 11th   Germany
11th – 19th  Norway (Northern Norway)
20th – 25th  Sweden
25th – 27th  Norway (Oslo)
27th – 29th  Denmark
29th – 3rd    Czech Republic

29th – 3rd    Czech Republic
3rd – 6th      Slovakia
6th – 8th      Hungary
9th – 11th   Serbia
11th – 14th Bulgaria
15th – 30th Turkey

1st – 4th      Qatar

16 countries in three months – let’s do it!

What’s your favourite destinations in these countries?  Let me know what I should do and see in these countries in the comments below xx

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