About My Mission

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.

There is a deep passion in my heart for nature and the unbelievable wonders of the world presented to us, every day.  It is this incredible beauty I wish to share with the world, and I hope that I can ignite the flame within others.

I want to educate and share my passion for nature with people from every country and all walks of life, in the hope that I can change the world for the better, and do my part to preserve and conserve our precious planet.

How do I achieve this?
Well, I am doing something massive in order to draw attention from all over the world – I plan to travel to 197 countries and all seven continents!   All the while I am going to share my interests and passions with you all – the beauty of Mother Nature, animals and the environment.  My goal is to encourage everyone to see the beauty in the small things.

My deep love of nature, my excitement, commitment and devotion to this planet is unparalleled.  Hence, my mission is to travel the globe, seeking out incredible, beautiful and interesting animals, environments and communities to explore and learn about before imparting this knowledge onto others, in order to create momentum for kindness, animal rights and conservation, while having an amazing time exploring the world and its different environments, cultures and histories!

I will document the journey through my blog and social media accounts.

Vincent Van Gough once said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”   That is the essence of my mission – to find beauty in every country and every corner of this incredible world of ours, and bring it to everyone.  I want to showcase the world, at a raw, grass-roots level, sharing with you the incredible, organic beauty of Mother Nature.

So, come with me on this journey and let’s explore the magic of this world together!

2 thoughts on “About My Mission

  1. Come to Colorado USA! Klaas Prakken is my brother-in-law and pointed me to your project. We have a mountain house that you can use or you can stay with my family in Littleton, CO.


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