For the love of Rhinos


A 21% increase from the year before, 1,215 Rhinos were slaughtered for their horns in 2014 in South Africa alone. Two of which I saw with my very own eyes – a mother and an eight month old calf – and that image haunts me every day. By the 34th day of 2015, 54 Rhinos were killed in Kruger National Park alone.

I need everyone to realize Rhino poaching is not a myth, a story, a gruesome fairy tale – Rhino poaching is all too real, utterly serious and unbelievably horrendous, not to mention inhumane, callous and brutal.

Rhino horn is absolutely useless when it is not on a Rhino. It is scientifically proven Rhino horn does not cure cancer, hangovers or erectile dysfunction and in fact, has no medicinal properties whatsoever. So what is this all for? Futility. The reality is there is no need, nor legitimate reason to slaughter these magnificent creatures. Rhino horn consists of the same material as your fingernails, so if you want to get rid of a headache or get an erection bite your fingernails rather than massacre these precious Rhinos in cold blood for nothing!

Education is the only way, because at the current poaching rates Rhino will be extinct before 2020! If we can’t slow the trade, my generation may well, god forbid, be the last generation to know the beautiful, playful, amazing creature that is the Rhino, and I don’t think I can deal with a reality like that.