The Philosophical Difference between Conservation and Preservation

I have been a little quiet on The Travelling Cheetah front (tell me something new, you say) because I have been frantically completing an Environmental Management qualification before I head to Europe today.  Throughout the course I was confronted with some interesting topics, and one of those was the philosophical differences between conservation and preservation. … Continue reading The Philosophical Difference between Conservation and Preservation

Plastic Pollution of our Oceans

Oceans are the lifeblood of the earth and of humankind. The marine environments have historically been a source of awe, food, transport and recreation for humankind. However through our fishing efficiency, our blasĂ© attitudes regarding the ocean as our dumping grounds, and humankind’s unfortunate ideology that the environment was created for our use and disposal, … Continue reading Plastic Pollution of our Oceans

Visiting the Gates of Hell

If you’re looking for relaxation, culture, history and an absolute geothermal wonderland, I have found the experience for you!  Tinggly Experience Gifts has teamed up with Hell’s Gate in Rotorua to create a full day pass to what has been dubbed the “beast of New Zealand geothermal attractions.” As I swing open the bus door, the … Continue reading Visiting the Gates of Hell

Should Rhino Horn be auctioned in Australia?

Early Saturday morning I was scrolling through South African newspapers keeping up to date with the news of a country I adore so much, when I stumbled upon a piece that caught me sobbing uncontrollably.  The SAPeople article titled Stoop: Should Rhino Horn have been Auctioned in Australia? begs the question whether a controversial commodity … Continue reading Should Rhino Horn be auctioned in Australia?

Great Whites Have Rights

“Take the shark before it takes the human being.” This is the mentality of Australian Governments.  Some polls suggest up to 80% of the Australian public disagrees with this policy, yet shark culling is still occurring and in astonishing numbers. Mass hysteria resonates throughout the country when yet another human is attacked by a shark.  … Continue reading Great Whites Have Rights