How You Can Help

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support which will help me to achieve this amazing feat.


Go to “send money

For the email address use “

Once you have gone to the second page, please add your name and email address so I can send a thank you note and keep you posted on my travels!

My way of saying thanks:

Every single person or company (name provided) who contributes will be named on the Sponsor’s page.

$50 – $100:  Regular email updates from all over the world.

$101 – $500: A personal postcard from a country on the first leg of the tour, and a special message on social media.

$501 – $1,000:  As above, add from a selection of countries, you may choose a country from which you will receive a hand-picked souvenir, and your name/company logo will be featured in the credits of a vlog.

Note: The Travelling Cheetah retains the right to accept or reject the opportunity to work with the company/brand.  If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities please email

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