Should Rhino Horn be auctioned in Australia?

Early Saturday morning I was scrolling through South African newspapers keeping up to date with the news of a country I adore so much, when I stumbled upon a piece that caught me sobbing uncontrollably.  The SAPeople article titled Stoop: Should Rhino Horn have been Auctioned in Australia? begs the question whether a controversial commodity … Continue reading Should Rhino Horn be auctioned in Australia?

Rhinoceros – The Real Life Unicorn

Rhinoceros are a group of extant species of herbivorous, odd-toed ungulates.  The Rhinoceros are one of the last remaining of the Earth's megafauna.  The word Rhinoceros originates from Greek, Rhino meaning nose and Ceros meaning horn, thus nosehorn, thus are the Planet's real-life unicorns! Regrettably however, all five species of Rhinoceros are in danger of extinction within the … Continue reading Rhinoceros – The Real Life Unicorn

Two National Parks & Two Armed Men in Camouflage

The sun was slowly rising over Victoria Falls, as we drove across a bridge above the Zambezi River from Zambia to Zimbabwe, a country that had always intrigued me.  And from my vantage point in Zambia, I had been eyeing up Zimbabwe for days, just amping to get across. Mosi-Oa-Tunya Victoria Falls National Park  From … Continue reading Two National Parks & Two Armed Men in Camouflage